Amar Chelebela By Maxim Gorky

Amar Chelebela is an Autobiography novel of Maxim Gorky. He was a Russian writer. One of his most famous books is Mother novel. One time he tried to commit suicide, then he left home and traveled all over Russia within five years. Nirmol Majumdar translated this novel in the Bengali language in 1913.

Amar Chelebela by Maxim Gorky

Book Name: Amar Chelebela
Book Category : Translated Books
Book Writer: Maxim Gorky
Translated: Nirmol Majumdar
Book Format: Portable Document Format ( Pdf ) and Audio Book
Book Language: Bengali
Ebook file size: 15 Mb
Audio Book duration : 
Book Page: 304
Publisher: Bideshi Bhasai Sahitya Prokahona
Published: 1913

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