Atmacharit By Prafulla Roy

Atmacharit by Prafulla Roy is a one of most popular Novel which written by most Popular author, Prafulla Roy ( born in India in India January 01, 1934) Prafulla Roy, awarded by Sahitya Academi, is a prolific fiction writer in Bengal. He came to India penniless from the then Pakistan after the partition of the country. He has had to struggle hard to gain a foothold in a newer land. Apart from the trauma of the partition he had faced the aftermath of the second world war, the great famine, the bloody communal riots. Once he took to travel throughout the country to experience the living of the struggling people to minimize his own. He had been among the tribals in Nagaland, the untouchables in Bihar, the rootless people from the mainland in the Andamans etc

Atmacharit by Prafulla Roy

Book Name: Atmacharit
Book Category : Novel ,
Book Writer: Prafulla Roy
Book Format: Portable Document Format ( Pdf ) and Audio Book
Book Language: Bengali
E-book file size: 39 Mb
Audio Book duration : 
Book Page: 584
Publisher: Bishwa Sahitya
Published: 2015


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