Zakir Naik Biography

Sheikh Zakir Abdul Karim Naik biographyZakir Naik Quick Fact
Name : Sheikh Zakir Abdul Karim
Born: 18 October 1965 (age 50)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Residence: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Education: MBBS
Occupation: President of Islamic Research Foundation, public speaker
Founder of Peace TV, Board member of Islamic Research Foundation
Religion: Islam
Spouse(s): Farhat Naik
Awards: King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam, 2015

Zakir Naik Biography

Zakir Naik was born on 18th October 1965 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. His original name is Zakir Abdul Karim Naik. He is an Islamic researcher, speaker and writer and mostly influenced by religion. He is a doctor by his profession and preaching himself from 1991. He is the founder of Islamic research foundation and conducted peace TV network. He speaks about Islamic religion and explains by Quran and Hadith. His main speech is Islam is the best than other religion. Though he is popular in Muslim world but also he is reviewed in some places for his speech and opinion.

Zakir Naik Life: Zakir Naik was a student of St. Peters high school in Mumbai. Then he admitted in Kishinchand Chellaram College. He admitted at Topiwala National Medical College and Nair Hospital for studying medicine. Finally he received his MBBS degree from University of Mumbai. His wife Farhat Naik is a member of Islamic Research Foundation who worked for women department. He was influenced by Ahmed Deedat and established IRF. His main goal is to educate Muslims who thinks Islam is outdated. His some essays were published in a newspaper Islamic Voice. Thomas Bloom Hansen thinks that Zakir Naik’s speech about Quran and Hadith is a literature.

Zakir Naik Peace conference: Zakir Naik arranged a peace conference on November 2007 in Mumbai and it is one of his main lectures. Beside Zakir Naik here also speaks 20 Islamic scholars. He talked about the Shia and Sunni conflict. He said that fight Karbala was politically motivated.

Zakir Naik Perspective:

Terrorism: From Zakir Naik opinion terrorism is created by Media. In a YouTube media he told that he did not know Bin Laden and never met with him. He also told I hate terrorism because Quran said that killing a man is same to killing whole humankind.

Apostasy: He said that if any Muslim wants to leave Islam he can but do not speak against holy region as he will be considered a traitor and should be hanged as Quran says.

Evolution: He says that evolution is only a suggestion and some more an unproven hypothesis. According to him it against the Bible and scientist do not support it.

Zakir Naik Speech and Books: Dr. Naik has addressed different issues at different times. In his speech, several people invited and took part in front of not invited audience. His speech was later published as the book in multiple languages ​​including English. In 2007 Saudi Arab’s Dar-us-Salam publication published his two books “The Concept of God in Major religion and The Quran and Modern science compatible or incompatible”. In Bangladesh some publications also published his series of books. Some of his books are; Quran and modern science, the existence of the major religions, Terrorism and Jihad, Hinduism and Islam harmony, Quran and the Bible in the light of science, Interest free economy, Why not embrace Islam in the West, Media and Islam, The moon and The Quran and many others.

Zakir Naik Reception, awards, titles and honors: Dr. Zakir placed 89th position of most powerful 100 Indians by the survey of The Indian Express. In 2009 his position was 82. Prabhena husband said Zakir Naik is the India’s most influential exponents of Salafi ideologue. Sadanand Dhumi wrote “carefully crafted image of moderation”, because of his gentle demeanor, his wearing of a suit and tie, and his quoting of scriptures of other religions”. He received many awards and Honorius in his life. His awards are Islamic Personality of 2013, Distinguished International Personality Award (2013), Sharjah Award for volunteer work (2013), The Commander of the National Order of insainiya of the Republic of the Gambia (2014), Doctor of Humane Letters (2014), Badshah Faisal International Award (2015).

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